Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Coating for Concrete and Garage Floor in Melbourne

About Cavco

"When Quality Counts" - Australian owned, Australia made

Cavco Products Pty Ltd was established in July 2012 to take over the business of Sandmar Products Australia Pty Ltd (manufactures of commercial epoxy floor coating, epoxy concrete paint, other concrete floor coatings and sealants to the construction market). Sandmar was a family owned business operated out of Bayswater for 20 years by Managing Director Martin Thomas, now the business still remains within the family with Martins daughter Karen as the Products & Marketing Director. The principals across the business remain the same - "When Quality Counts".

If you have not yet heard of us or Sandmar, it’s probably because we have quietly built our business by forging relationships with market leaders and supply many well established quality products to the construction industry under our client’s private label.

As well as pioneering innovative products (such as our Aquepoxy epoxy concrete coatings) Sandmar Products was also a shrewd imitator, and manufactures equivalents to some of the best adhesives, sealants, concrete floor and garage floor coatings and epoxy concrete coatings available to the construction industry worldwide. We search global markets, identify the best products available, adapt and customize them to meet the demands of the Australian market, climate and customers specification.

Some of the products we manufacture and supply mainly under private label, nationally and internationally are listed as follows:

  • Acoustic & Fire rated construction sealants.
  • Acrylic Joint Sealants for tilt-up construction.
  • Coloured caulks and Gapfillers.
  • Construction adhesives.
  • Epoxy concrete coatings
  • Epoxy concrete floors

An Ongoing Legacy

Sandmar Products serviced the construction industry since the early 1990’s and solidified an enviable reputation for service and quality. Now Cavco looks to build our brand to continue the stellar reputation that was carefully crafted around quality products and premium service.

Cavco is the perfect choice for any company marketing construction products, to engage for formulation, manufacture and packaging of their product - whether that’s epoxy concrete floors, concrete floor coatings, garage floor epoxy paint, non-slip floor coating, fire sealants or any of our other premium quality products.

For more information about Cavco give us a call on 1300 4 CAVCO (1300 422 826), or email us via